World PLEV Day

(Personal Light Electric Vehicles)

MicroMobility protects the health of the planet


Find out what goals and motivations have moved us to take action.

The request to create World PLEV Day is addressed to the United Nations.

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To create World VMP Day to promote, on a global scale, the use of more sustainable and environmentally friendly means of transportation


PLEVs have 1% of the impact of a car in termps of energy use, efficiency, cost-per-mile, harmful emissions and risk of injury. That’s a 99% reduction!

Our hope

For the United Nations to lead the way by indicating the measures that countries need to adopt.


We want to raise sensitize and create awareness among society of the need for a transportation paradigm shift.

We need change

In 2016, 90% of city-dwellers breathed air, on a daily basis, that didn’t meet the safety requirements established by the World Health Organization, leading to a dismaying  4.2 million deaths caused by air pollution.

Scope of application

Implementing PLEVs as a means of transportation can be easily done anywhere around the globe and will bring about benefits on a planetary scale.

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I Wheel Survive is an autonomous strategic platform focused on promoting and spreading the use of PLEVs as the most effective and efficient method of personal transportation

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Go ahead and organize a festive demonstration in your city!

We encourage you to be the architect and participate in the demonstration on July 10, having all the resources we have prepared:

⇒ Manifest

⇒ Press release

⇒ Poster design, flyers and digital advertising

If no demonstration has been organized in your town, take advantage of July 10 to go out with your PLEV.

Record a small video and participate in the Instagram contest 😉

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