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Show your creative side

Thanks to Ciclonic sponsorship, on July 10 – World VMP Day, you will be able to show your creativity and win a fantastic prize: a Kingsong KS14D electric unicycle.

Kingsong is quality, comfort, reliability and innovation. With an elegant and incredibly functional design, this electric unicycle will allow you to travel up to 40Km at a speed of 25Km/h, enjoying its bluetooth speakers and headlights in case it gets dark. If you want to walk for a while, you can comfortably carry the unicycle with its telescopic handle, one of the best on the market.

Competing is so easy


Record a video of up to 59 seconds related to World PLEV Day

Share it

Share it to Instagram on July 10 with the hashtag #IWSvideo2020 and the location where it was recorded

Follow us

Follow @IWheelSurvive and to stay up to date

Sign the petition

Support the initiative to get World PLEV Day

Move freely, without taking a step

With the Kingsong K14D electric unicycle you can move comfortably and make your daily journeys faster than ever.

  • Weighing: only 12.3 kg, you can carry it wherever you need it.
  • Ultra-compact: store it under the bed, under the table, in a locker, … wherever you want!
  • Good range: you can travel up to 40 km, more than enough.
  • Charge it anywhere: in a few minutes you can continue on your way.
  • No rush, but fast: 25km/h is the ideal speed to get around the city.



This contest is organized by “I WHEEL SURVIVE.” The purpose of this contest is to promote PLEVs (Personal Light Electric Vehicles) via the social network Instagram.


The contest is open to any natural person who has a public Instagram account and abides by the conditions of said social network.

To qualify to participate in the contest you will have to:

Make a MICRO-VIDEO that is no longer than 59 seconds connected with PLEVs on July 10—World PLEV Day.

Publish the micro-video on Instagram including, in the description, the place where it was shot as well as the hashtag #IWSvideo2020, as well as follow @Ciclonic and @Iwheelsurvive and to have signed the petition:

Video entries may be either recorded and uploaded directly using the Instagram application (with or without filters), or using the mobile device’s camera or any other device(s) or camera(s), edited with a computer or mobile device and later uploaded to Instagram.

The is no limit to the number of videos that can be uploaded by each participant as long as they are uploaded on July 10, World PLEV Day, and they are in accordance with the theme of the contest.

Only micro-videos that adhere to the theme of the contest and the requirements specified in these rules shall qualify to be selected.

The contest is valid for all micro-videos uploaded to Instagram on JULY 10, 2020.

Participants relinquish image rights for their micro-videos so that the contest organizers can use said material for promotional purposes, in any channel of media outlet.

Once the deadline has been reached, the awarded micro-video will be chosen by a jury. The jury will be comprised of members of “I WHEEL SURVIVE,” this contest’s Organizer.

The winner authorizes the Organizer to publish their Instagram name and the video with which they participated in the contest on the organizer’s social networks.

The prize consists of a Kingsong 14D, offered by Ciclonic, which will be available for pick-up in Madrid after the jury has reached its verdict.

Once the jury has reached a verdict, the Organizer will contact the winner in a period of 15 workdays after the contest has ended by posting a comment on the awarded video, which will include an email address where their personal information is to be sent to verify authorship.

Once the Organizer has contacted the winner via the means described above, the winner will have 10 workdays to provide the aforementioned information to the organizers. If no reply is received in 10 days following the date when the Organizer contacts the winner, the award to said winner will be canceled.

If the winner fails to respond within said 10-day period, “I WHEEL SURVIVE” reserves the right to name a new winner following the procedure described within these terms. If the new winner were also to fail to reply within the 10-day period after being contacted by the Organizer, the award may be declared null.

By participating in this contest, participants fully accept the conditions laid out herein, as well as the interpretation decisions made by the Organizer in connection therewith.


By participating in this contest, participants accept that the contents and comments published in social media or other platforms may be shared in the news outlets that the Organizer deems appropriate. Participating in a contest held on social media implies accepting the terms and conditions of the social networks where they are held.

Participation is public. Personal information will only be gathered for the winner for the purpose of awarding them the prize.

Should the micro-video contain footage of anyone underage, the author must send a copy of the video uploaded to Instagram, by email, to, alongside written consent form the underage person’s parents or legal tutor(s) so that, should the situation arise, “I WHEEL SURVIVE” may publish said video on any other platform or media outlet.


The Organizer reserves the right to reject or exclude from participating in the contest, or promote the content submitted by any participant who fails to meet the requirements described herein and/or whose submission is contrary to the rules or purpose of this contest.

The Organizer reserves the right to report or request the deletion of any video the violates anyone’s personal rights or is otherwise offensive or discriminatory. The Organizer reserves the exclusive right to decide which content meets said criteria.

The video may not contain or refer to third-party brands and/or products for publicity purposes.

All videos must be original. Likewise, each participant shall be responsible for holding the image and intellectual property rights of the content they publish. Should the Organizer find any form of plagiarism, the video will be automatically discarded. If the Organizer does not find any signs of plagiarism but instances thereof are reported later on, the content’s author shall be solely responsible for it.

The Organizer shall not be held responsible for any potential loss of data resulting from Instagram or Internet malfunctions. Moreover, the Organizer accepts no responsibility for any losses or damage of any kind, despite the safety measures put in place, resulting from users’ unlawful use of the services and contents, including but not limited to damages and losses of any kind connected with identity fraud carried out using any type of communication that takes place on the platform.


Participants shall not hold the Organizer responsible, in terms of obligations or compensation of any kind, should this contest being canceled or suspended due to force majeure or legal imperatives. Should such a situation arise, participants will be duly informed.

Instagram does not sponsor, endorse or administer this contest in any way, nor is it associated with it.


You may contact the contest Organizer (“I WHEEL SURVIVE”) via the following channels:

  • Email: 
  • #IWSvideo2020
  • @IWheelSurvive


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